Thursday, 10 March 2016

Reading Questions

  1. Do you enjoy reading regularly (two or three times a week at least)? No, I don't.
  2. How many minutes would you most likely spend reading on a weekend? Not a lot, maybe like 30 minutes
  3. Do you have many books of your own? If you were to take a guess, how many books do you own? I have a couple series of books, so like 15-20.
  4. Do you visit the school or public library often? Why/Why not? I only visit the school library, because if I need to read I read online.
  5. Would you rather read or have some read to you? Why? I would rather read, because I get bored when some else reads to me.
  6. Do you find reading easy or hard to do? Why? I find reading easy because it is.
  7. Would you like to be better at reading than you are now? Yes I would.
  8. If you enjoy reading, what type of material do you like to read (e.g. magazines, Young Adult novels, sci fi, non fiction) The only books I read are mystery, vampires and other supernatural books.
  9. How do you pick the texts you want to read? I normally just grab a random book and if it sounds good I read it.
  10. What kind of texts are you hoping to read in English this year? Good mystery books.
  11. Are you currently reading, or have you read anything good lately? If so, what was it? No I haven't read anything good lately.